Blue Light Protection

Lutina is the solution designed by Tokai to help protect us from both UV rays and high-energy violet light between 380 and 420 nm, mainly present in solar radiation and responsible for serious lens and retinal diseases.

However, modern life puts us in close contact with large quantities of artificial light produced by TVs, monitors and LED lights. These light sources emit radiation around 450 nm to emphasize brightness and are responsible for eye fatigue and circadian rhythm disturbances such as insomnia and chronic fatigue.

To counter these disturbances Tokai has created three anti-reflective treatments against blue light: Blue light Damage Control (BDC), Tokai Blue Coat (TBC) and NRC Digital Filter.

These treatments have a double effect: By increasing the contrast, they stimulate the spontaneous blink rate of the eyelids and reduce the sensation of dry eyes. By reducing the amount of artificial blue light that reaches the eye, limiting circadian rhythm disorders such as insomnia.