Resonas X series

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of the neuroprogressive lenses series, Tokai has developed Resonas x.

This is the result of 10 years of studies aimed at improving the wearability of progressive lenses. Compared to the first generation RESONAS, both the far field and the near field are enlarged and made sharper thanks to the use of innovative technologies.

By combining our N-style binocular link system, dual surface aspheric progressive design, MYTUNE engine and the Variable Zone Control design, Tokai achieved a lens which has natural clear vision in all areas with special attention paid to the near and far peripheral zones to further eliminate distortions and ensure the most comfortable and balanced wearing experience possible.

Variable Zone control
The near vision field of Resonas X is designed to be wider by allocating aberration and addition speed on each eye differently. If the power in the near vision is a plus power, the vision field becomes smaller compared to lenses having minus power in near vision.

This is so in both horizontal and vertical direction, causing the requirement to rotate the eyes more when seeing in the near vision area.