BDC represents Tokai’s top of the range among AR treatments against blue light. High anti-scratch, antistatic, hydrophobic and oleophobic performances are associated with the ability to cut off an important portion of blue light (380-500 nm), with a cut peak (+/- 20%) at around 450nm which correspond with the wave lengths most responsible for circadian rhythm disturbances. Thanks to this characteristic, it goes particularly well with Lutina, offering all-round protection against oxidative damage caused by high energy violet light and further protection from disorders of the sleep-wake cycle, such as insomnia.

BDC helps to protect your eyes by cutting about 20% of blue light around 450nm that is the light emitted from LED lights.

BDC also blocks around 50% of near infrared rays, protecting the eyes and the skin around the eyes. Near infrared rays (rays from 760nm to 1400nm) penetrate deep into the skin and cause aging effects such as wrinkles and sagging skin.