Medical filter

Wavelength light of 500 nm or below, which causes glare and blurring of contrast, is light rays with high scattering rates and high levels of energy.

The CCP absorption lenses developed by Tokai are able to suppress 380 to 500 nm blue wavelength lights, which have major effects on the retina and cornea, and relieve discomfort from eye disorders that make people sense glare.

There are 8 Medical Filters available, filtering blue light 460 – 550nm and 18 CCP 400nm filters. There are also organic & mineral photochromatic Medical Filters and CCP 400 gradient lenses available.

Tokai also provides not only lenses but also distinctive frames designed for functionality (Vergine), absorption overglasses (Viewnal) that can be worn over your everyday eyeglasses and clip-on frames.