INDEX 1.76

In pursuit of the thinnest and lightest lens possible, Tokai Optical has been successful in combining this new 1.76 index lens material with its in-house aspheric design concept, driving this class of lenses to new and undiscovered heights!


To help preserve ocular health, Tokai developed the Lutina lens material. Lutina lenses have the ability to absorb light between 400 to 420 nm. Cutting light in this wavelength range effectively suppresses generation of active oxygen and deterioration of lutein.


Tokai is the only lens manufacturer using neuroscience to create bespoke progressive lens designs. The measuring and analysis of brain waves has led to the development of revolutionary progressive lens designs that are easy to adapt to and that reduce the amount of discomfort experienced by the brain. This dramatically increases the wearer comfort.


Manufactured exclusively by Tokai. Fine Edge is the ultimate in lens edge thickness reduction. The Fine Edge process has 4 types of cut : Max, Special, Super or Natural.

Single vision

Multi focal

Near vision



Tokai Optecs is a Belgian / Japanese joint venture since 1995. This close partnership between Tokai Optecs and Tokai Optical Japan promotes continuous innovation of materials, lens designs, treatments and high tech manufacturing processes. This alliance offers an extensive and unique range of lenses answering every customers’ needs.