Let your child grow up healthy and protect their eyes.

Factors such as prolonged screen time on mobile devices and tablets, coupled with increasing academic pressures, have significantly impacted the development of children’s eyes. Protecting your child’s eyes is crucial for their healthy development. There has been a tendency for the myopic population to increase in recent years.According to the survey data in 2020, more than half of adolescents are myopic. The development of children’s eyes are seriously affected by the prolonged use of mobile phones and tablets as well as increased strain on students’s eyes.

TOKAI’s Myogen lenses are meticulously crafted to address the unique needs of children, offering comprehensive protection against the onset and progression of myopia. Myogen lenses provide the ideal solution for parents seeking to safeguard their child’s eye health and ensure optimal development.

Through specially constructed lenses, the direction of light transmission is altered to aid eye healthy development.

With normal lenses, light is focused at the back of the eye, which can lead to elongation of the eye axis. Myogen lenses, featuring a specially treated surface, redirect light forward, thereby reducing the elongation of the eye axis