Resonas Presso

Resonas Presso is a new concept near-intermediate progressive lens that evolves seeing “Near”. TOKAI took the near–intermediate range and applied the “Ergonomic + Neuroscience” designing method into it.

Resonas Presso WS combines the “Ergonomic + Neuroscience” design with a double-side progressive and double-side aspheric lens design.

RESONAS PRESSO offers a clear and comfortable vision in indoor environments, favoring the visual field areas most used in everyday life. In closed environments, our eyesight focuses more often on objects positioned between 29 and 85 cm from our face: the average reading distances of a book and a PC screen respectively. RESONAS PRESSO ensures a clear and wide vision in these areas of the visual field, without sacrificing a depth of field suitable for indoor environments.

There is a choice between a wider (WIDE) or a longer (LONG) design and corridor length of 21 or 23 mm.