Tokai provides all kinds of online and offline marketing material to help boost your sales and support your business. Our marketing department is flexible in creating individualised online posts and specific requests. We also have an extended range of POS material at your disposal: placemats, demo kits, displays, …

IC Tokai

ICTokai is an order dispatch program which is running 24 hours a day, useful to communicate quickly and reliable.

The software offers the possibility to order lenses through remote edging with optimized thicknesses and to check the availability  of the products, the management of orders and their progress in real-time. The program also allows to show a comparison of the different refractive indices with the respective thickness – weight comparison.

Tokai Quality Card

Tokai lenses meet the strictest optical and aesthetic quality standards. All products meet the CE guidelines and are manufactured according  to ISO standards: ISO 14889, ISO 8980 and ISO 9001. These guidelines are emphasized by the Tokai quality guarantee.

Our quality card offer consumers the assurance that the product is 100% Tokai and meets the strict CE guidelines both optically and cosmetically.

Edging Service

Tokai provides for all types of framing: drilled, grooved, traditional or curved and additionally offers a remote lens edging and fitting service.