EASYONE combines the revolutionary Digitech-Core 5 design engine with a progressive and aspheric back curve providing a wide panoramic view and an easy adaptation to the design.
This new DIGITECH-CORE 5 algorithm was developed to minimize aberrations and distortions, thus providing a more natural vision.
EasyOne also allows a very high degree of customization thanks to the ACTIVE MODE design which considers, to improve the optical and aesthetic performance of the lenses, also the wrap angle of the frame and the curved front base.
It offers a selection of 8 front curves to provide the best match to the patients chosen frame.

EASYONE also uses the information about the wrap angle to adapt the lens design by adjusting the optical axis, astigmatism and prism so that a high optical performance can be realised even with a large wrap angle. This improves wearer comfort. Wrap angle : 0.0°  -15.0° (in increments of 0.1°)