Transitions Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses are dynamic lenses, created to be worn indoors and outdoors, all day, every day. Tokai has chosen to work with the Transitions ™ technology to create versatile lenses that can automatically adapt to changing light conditions.

The percentage of obscuration of Transitions ™ lenses varies according to the intensity of the UV rays, ensuring comfort in any light condition. By exploiting the rapid activation and return speed to the state of transparency, this technology reduces the hassles associated with changes in brightness, both in the transition between different weather conditions (from cloudy to sunny) and in the transition between indoors and outdoors.

On a selection of Tokai products it is possible to have the new Transitions ™ XTRActive®, able to react not only to UV rays, but to all visible light. This feature makes them able to darken even inside vehicles and indoors, in proportion to the amount of light. Compared to traditional Transitions ™, they achieve a higher percentage of darkening both outdoors and in the car, but retain a slight tint (~ 15%) even indoors.