Indoor Neo

Indoor Neo is a near-intermediate progressive lens with back surface progressive and back surface aspheric design. They are designed to adapt to the lifestyle of the most dynamic wearers: they provide a wide and clear overview of the interior environments such as classrooms, offices and kitchens, without sacrificing the convenience of reading and the ability to access the far  vision field.

To suit the specific visual needs of a modern work-life balance lifestyle, Tokai developed 3 specific designs to ensure the perfect fit : Extra, Long and Wide.

Choice of 2 corridor lengths
The corridor of 23mm provides a softer near vision which is more suitable for first time wearers. The 21mm corridor provides a wider visual field at the near vision area. Since the areas below the fitting point are set at 13mm or 11mm, the user can easily switch to his frame with other progressive lenses.

The New Flexible Inset Design provides exclusive custom design per eye. The inset can be specified from 0,0mm to 5,0mm at 0,1mm steps. Reading distance can be specified from 25cm to 80cm.