Instructions for using and handling lenses

Warning of impact.

Both mineral and plastic lenses can be destroyed by an exceeded impact and cause serious injuries which may lead to the loss of vision. It’s better not to use glasses during some intensive workouts in the gym or please use it with exclusive tools when you play sports or other actions ,in which there is a possibility of lens damage.

Caution while driving with new glasses.

We recommend to use your new glasses while driving, only when you have totally adapted your vision to the new glasses. Until you get adjusted to them, it can be disconcerting to slip on a brand new pair of prescription eyeglasses. Changing to a new eyeglasses or frame styles requires an adjustment period.

Beware that the lenses are weak to heat (above 600C).

Please do not leave your glasses under condition of high-temperature especially on the dashbord of a car parked in the sun. With high temperatures a lens can bend or fallout from its frame or cause an optical distortion resulting in poor optical performance. And also, please do not wear your glasses in sauna bathes or blow dry your glasses using hair-dryers. High temperature (over 600C) might affects the lens coating and may cause the coat to peel off. 

Avoid putting lenses facing downward on the surface to avoid scratch on lens.

When you put the glasses down, it’s always better to put the lens surface facing upwards to avoid scratches and damage to the lens.

Please do not use damaged lens.

Please do not use lenses, which has scratches or stains. It results in poor optical visibility because of diffused reflection.

Recommendation for cleaning of the lens.

We recommend the use of only lens cleaning solution and microfiber cloth as your primary cleaning tool.

These special microfiber cleaning
cloths and lens cleaning solutions are designed to be gentle on special
eyeglass coatings, such as anti-reflection and anti-fog treatments.

Recommendation for proper lens treatment for easy cleaning.
When the lens gets heavily dirty, please wash the lens by a water diluted neutral detergent, but please do not use strong alkali or acid detergent. It affects the lens coating and may cause the lens coat to peel off. 

Recommendations for the maintenance of the lens.
If your glasses are old and yellowish, we recommend to replace your old pair with the new one. You should get a new pair if your prescription has changed. Therefore, it’s important to get a periodic checkup of your eyes by your eye doctor.

Recommendation for handling of the Spectacle lenses.
Please hold the glasses correctly while wearing as shown in the picture.
Please hold the edge of the frame while cleaning and wiping the lens.