Many ocular diseases are thought to be caused by oxidative stress due to the generation of singlet oxygen. Lutein is one of the three carotenoid pigments that are present in very high concentrations in the retina of the eye or more specifically in the lens and macula.
It has antioxidant properties that suppresses this oxidative stress and also filters blue light, both contributing to the prevention of Age-Related Macular Degeneration. AMD is the most common cause of vision loss for the 50+ age group.

Tokai Lutina lenses have the ability to absorb light between 400 to 420 nm. Cutting light in this wavelength range effectively suppresses generation of active oxygen and deterioration of lutein.

To help preserve the lutein in the eyes, Tokai developed Lutina. This lens cuts out 94% of High Energy Violet Light (400 – 420 nm), and by doing so, helps to preserve ocular health.