Hi-Readers / Pro Readers


The most optimal lens for near vision fields, with perfect sharpness mainly for desk working. Additionally to standard near vision lenses this design has an enlarged near vision field. Thanks to this near wide-vision lens, you can sweep every nook and corner in newspapers at a single glance.      






Hi-readers & Pro-readers wide-near-vision lens.
In addition to broad near vision fields that can sweep the top of a desk at a single glance, it gives first lens wearers a natural feel and a high level of comfort.

Standard single-near-vision lens.
A standard single vision lens limits clear vision fields in the front and in the rear and concentrates the vision range to the top of the desk.


Design based on human ergonomics:
To focus on different distances, a standard near single vision lens enforces you to swing your trunk back and forwards, which strains the body. Accordingly, the Hi-readers & Pro-readers design developed by observing the body movements will eliminate harmful movements.

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Wide near vision fields are achieved by reducing astigmatism to a minimum in the central zone of the lens.
An extreme smooth progression results in an enlarged clear vision field.

Readers are available in 2 indexes:
1.60/42 Hi-Readers
1.50 Pro-Readers