Contrast Leisure Lens


Tokai has developed a new kind of lens for presbyopes fulfilling specific needs during specific sports situations. These sports situations require an aberrational free far vision field whereby the near vision is occasionally used. Tokai therefore uses a bifocal lens with a seamless, practically invisible round segment of 16mm.


Depending on the type of sport activity, the Contrast Leisure Lens is provided with a special contrast colour. For golfers for example, this colour transmits the range of light from green to yellow but cuts glare.  This makes details on the green more visible.

The Contrast Leisure Lens has a nearly 100% cut at UV400.
The standard Super Power Shield coating makes the Tokai Contrast Leisure Lens super scratch resistance and very easy to clean.
The Tokai Contrast Leisure Lens has been developed for hunters, golfers, bowlers and motorcyclers.