15 mm series

Traditional progressive lenses: 15 mm Progressives


Tokai Optical highly recommends the progressive 15mm series to people who consider purchasing progressive lenses for the first time. The wearer acquires a clear vision and a comfortable feeling experiencing less distortion over the entire progression due to CDV and ODN.


 thumb_clear_distance_copy_2_copy_2 Clear Distance Vision:
A clear and wide field for far vision.

Optimized Distribution in Near vision:
The Tokai’s ODN design is based on the reduction of the distortion at the nose side in the reading area improving clear vision by vertical eye movement and substantially increasing ergonomic comfort.


Immediate adaptation:
The 15mm corridor length allows scope for turning the eyes from the far vision to the reading vision presenting total balanced, natural and comfortable vision from the far to the near side. Easy adaptation will be experienced due to the corridor length and CDV plus ODN.




Optimized asymmetric design substantially improves the lateral view.



For far vision:
CDV focuses on a wide, clear vision field. A spherical and distortion free design has been designed for the far vision area removing aspherical areas out of the central zone.




For intermediate vision:
CDV allows ease of eye movement through its smooth design with a slow progression compared to the more traditional and hard design.