13 mm series

Traditional progressive lenses: 13 mm Progressives


Tokai Optical has introduced the progressive 13 series, a range of progressive lenses with high ophthalmic efficiency that meets the consumer’s expectations and completely fits into their stylish modern lives. This series is especially suitable for fashionable small frames due to its short corridor length and offers the wearer a comfortable and clear vision field, thanks to Tokai’s original ophthalmic design, SC (Surface Controlling) and ODN (Optimized Distribution in Near Vision). The progressive 13mm series is proposed as an all-round type, highly recommendable for the experienced progressive lens user.



Surface Controlling design:
It enables the wearer to widen middle vision without affecting the comfort of the reading vision.


Optimized Distribution in Near vision:
The Tokai’s ODN design is based on the reduction of the distortion at the nose side in the reading area improving the clear vision by vertical eye movement and substantially increasing the ergonomic comfort.



Fitting into small fashionable frames:
The corridor length allows fitting the lenses, with a height of 31mm, maintaining a comfortable sharp view.


For far vision:
SC has a smooth curved surface and reduces distortions by removing remaining aberrations to the extreme sides of the far vision.



From middle to near vision:
SC provides a comfortable middle vision because its design is gradually changing the rate of power in the middle part, and assures for 70% a natural and comfortable middle vision. According to the monitoring result by experienced progressive lens users over the age 50, it has been proven that the eyes naturally turn to a point located 9mm downwards from the far vision area. In addition, SC ensures a wide and clear reading vision field.