Blinding sun reflections caused by wet roads, ski runs, water surfaces, … frequently lead to annoying and dangerous situations.
Thanks to the Tokai Polarized lens, besides from having an exceptional pair of sunglasses, you will also have lenses which neutralize these irritating reflections!

The lens provides clear high contrasted and comfortable field of vision during driving, outdoor sport, or leisure activities.

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The superior quality of this lens is achieved by a combination of different elements:

  • The polarizing film is integrated during the casting process and not laminated on the lens: the film will not peel off and is protected against scratches;
  • As a result of intensive research, Tokai succeeded in smoothly inserting the polarizing film into the lens without folds. This greatly enhances the polarizing effect
  • The molecules present in the polarizing film act as a uniform screen placed evenly along the curve of the lens and produces a perfectly balanced and continuous polarizing result.